Celia McGuinness serves as a mediator to assist parties and their counsel negotiating a resolution of civil disputes. She draws on her more than 30 years as a trial and appellate lawyer to help both sides evaluate the
risks and benefits of litigation and the value of settlement.

Celia has a wealth of training and experience to resolve
even the most contentious disputes.

A mediator since 2019, Celia completed an intensive training by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. She serves the Court by providing pro bono and low bono mediation services, and also accepts private referrals. She is a member of The Mediation Society, a professional organization of experienced mediators and, through the Northern District, participates in a monthly ADR Mediation Practice Group for training and discussion of techniques, ethics and issues. She is a frequently-requested CLE presenter and speaker on mediation and subject area issues.  In addition to the trial experience that informs her mediation approach, she is an appellate advocate who has argued before the Ninth Circuit and the California Court of Appeals.

Celia’s Mediation Philosophy

The goal is a settlement, and I am tenacious to that end. I explore not only the parties’ legal and factual positions, but the emotional and intangible factors affecting their approach to negotiation. Every case is brought by humans, each with their own acknowledged or unacknowledged feelings about the case, their role, or the other side.

At the same time, I am cognizant of the practical side of disputes, including the costs and risks of litigation. I keep my eye on the bottom line and will explore these issues at the appropriate time during mediation. I prefer efficient, cost-effective solutions during the pre-mediation period, keeping in mind the parties’ budgets and goals.

For mediation inquiries, please contact Celia at or (510) 439-2952.

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